LAHS New Volunteers 2014

Judy Storlie

Helped clean HH and offered to refinish the steps and paint the trim and railing.

Jerry & Ruth Berns

Jerry and Ruth have taken care of the flower beds this spring/summer. Ruth is now helping create a data base for our “Historical Happenings” which is an informal way for us to keep volunteers/members in the loop of our activities.

Ginny Dockweiler

I am hoping to engage Ginny in the data base project by making phone calls to individuals and obtaining their e-mail addresses. She volunteered at the annual meeting to make phone calls.

Teresa Walter


Mary Ann Zadow

Volunteered at the rummage sale.

Martha Grimes

Greeter. Martha also wrapped all of our gift baskets and inventoried their contents for the rummage sale. She is interested in working in the archives.

Debbie Damf-Nelson

Debbie helped clean the Apple Shed for the Chamber Mixer. She also designed/printed the tags for our gift baskets at the rummage sale. She is currently planning a historical trip for us to offer.

Natalie Brennan

Natalie made all of the signs for our rummage sale. She also baked cookies to sell. She worked about 9 hours on Friday and came back on Saturday to help for a while and brought more cookies! She is also going to help clean HH and the Apple Shed for Applefest.

Jeffrey Newburg

Jeff is a greeter. He also took out the carpeting from the steps at HH to prepare for the Storlie’s refinishing project. He has volunteered to do all of our snowblowing and is looking for more projects this fall/winter at HH. He enjoys reading about local history and would be interested in doing some projects in the archives.

Tom Wright

Tom volunteered for public speaking and has agreed to be our step-on guide for the orchard tours.

Laura & Anastasia Veselovsky

Anastasia and Laura are a mother/daughter team. They bring with them a wave of creativity and ambitious ideas. Laura is a musician. She opened the La Crescent-Hokah Arts Academy. It is housed at the Vault in Hokah. She would like to incorporate music into our events. She brainstormed making promotional videos; CDs with music connecting

La Crescent, etc. Laura also has a history minor. She is detailed oriented. One of her interests is analyzing music. Her husband works for Benchmark. He is a Hardware Design Engineer. She is going to ask him if he would be able to digitize our VHS tapes. Both mother and daughter participate in Community Theatre. Anastasia attends Montessori and is an emerging writer. Not surprising she is also an avid reader.

Involvement interests

  • Greeters (Saturdays)
  • Take part in E-bay training to learn how to sell some of our unwanted items that have value. (Anastasia)
  • Archiving (Laura)
  • Putting our video collection of WWII veterans into personal stories and creating a LAHS blog where she can feature one story a month. (Anastasia)

Carl Speich

Carl is interested in being a greeter. He is going to greet this Saturday (September 13) 1-4 p.m. Carl is a history buff and says he can see himself really enjoying working at the archiving table.

Laurie Simmonds

Laurie is organizing a quilt raffle fund-raiser; offered to design and print new historic places brochure.